Tuesday, June 5, 2012

St. Cloud

On Sunday we visited good friends from way back.  Myriam and I were in grad school together and several years later we moved to Fremont near where she and Antoine and their baby daughter Lea lived.  Lea is a few months older than Evelyn.

We walked to the Parc de St. Cloud.  According to Wikipedia, it is considered one of the most beautiful gardens in Europe.  And we were very lucky there.
There was an intriguing art installation in a walled garden that Myriam had never seen unlocked before in her 9 years in St. Cloud.

And then, they turned on the fountains.  The woman in the background of the pic below is turning on the fountains.  They do this every three months or so, for half an hour.  The fountains are gravity fed from a lake.  They date from the time of Louis XIV, the Sun King.  His brother's palace was here.

There is a view of the Eiffel Tower (middle).

And the fountains just kept getting better.

Clem found a newt in one.

Fountains higher than the Eiffel Tower!

An amazing cascade.

Lea and Antoine, and Claudio, Lea's little brother who is a year younger than Clementine.
The photos below are Greta's.  She was inspired by Lea.

Another surprise!  My friend Nadya's son, John.  I last saw him when he was a baby.

Greta does good portraits, I think.

Antoine's sister Agnes and her husband Phillipe arrived.  They had visited us in Oakland and it was so good to see them again.

Now I have my camera back.

Myriam's fantastic borscht.  
We had a lovely long dinner, but I was having too much fun to take pictures.  

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