Wednesday, June 13, 2012

En Pays Charolais

After a week in London and a week in Paris the girls were ready for some nature and downtime.  Fortunately, our next stop was a weekend with friends at their family farmhouse in Burgundy.

Here's Greta getting both on these boulders at Fontainebleau.  We stopped at this magical spot for a picnic on our way.

This rest stop (complete with playground and squat toilet) will go down in history as the place where Greta, holding her ipod, asked our friend Antoine if he knew the Wi-Fi code.
Actually, it was a very clean and pretty high tech squat toilet, with blinking lights and a very strong flush, but it did not have Wi-Fi.

A Roman aqueduct bridge.

We've arrived.

Oh yes, we have.

Claudio showed the girls how to have fun with sticky weeds.

These are the big, mean and tasty local cows, the Charolais breed.

Greta is guest posting here.

These are the goats we got our cheese from.
I am trying to get Antoine to shoo away the flies.

One goat had a really big, bloated udder.  A lot of milk was in it.

Myriam and Lea and I are petting two goats.

Clem is holding a little duckling.  Behind her is the farmer who made the goat cheese.

Evelyn is holding a baby turkey.


OK, it's Susan again. This weekend with friends was a little corner of heaven. We walked, we biked, we talked, we cooked, we drank, we played games, we ate really good goat cheese at 5 different stages of aging, we talked some more.  The only thing wrong with this weekend was that it went by so fast.  

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  1. Everyone still looks so happy and relaxed. Has Mike decided that he likes the French countryside okay? I can't believe how much you have managed to see. And I like the sticky weeds -- I have something rather like this all over my garden (cleavers) and I now know how to bribe the kids to pull it. Enjoy your last weeks on the road!