Monday, June 4, 2012

Going Back in Time

I wrote this post a while back and never posted it.  It is really out of sequence now.

My mom's 70th birthday!  I found the perfect card for her.
This year may all the good you do come right back to you.  

If the wish comes true she can expect an avalanche of good. The card also played Do You Believe in Magic when you opened it.  Annoying.  But my mom does have a magic ability to make people happy. great I haven't been able to tackle it in a post.  Take Llyn Idwal, above.   Just stunning.
But it is the people that make it so great.  Our relatives in Wales are so interesting, talented, warm (I love them so much I could live with them! Greta says) and funny and fun that we just had an amazing time.  We laughed, we sang, we cried (about having to leave).

Linda and Caren can be seen in a recent mockumentary about their (mock) family business supplying look alike Welsh actors for parties, etc.  Click the S button to get English subtitles.  Lisa and Mart are collaborating with the Black Armband and will perform at London 2012.  Dic was on an urgent hunt for a didgeridoo (the one they had was lost in the woods) and Pete was getting started on building a house in between taking epic walks in the mountains.  It makes me feel boring that I am never pounding my fist on the counter in frustration at being unable to track down a didgeridoo.

Elin's choir is about to go to the Eisteddfod. They sang for us. Fantastic.

 Bryn Celli Ddu--4000 year old burial chamber.
Longest town name.

The long-promised pics of the Beaumaris Gaol.

I love old keys.  You know how when you say you love something everyone starts giving you that thing and all of a sudden you have a collection of that thing which you never wanted?  Well, this has not happened to me with old keys.  
Which is too bad, because I would love a collection of old keys.  FYI.  One of the very best things about visiting Europe is that many old keys are still in use.  Not only do you get to see them, but you have to use them.

Children of prisoners.

This is Dickens-era graffiti, scratched into the glass.   A running bobby.  Presumably chasing someone.

This says (the part that I can make out) Williams 14 Days

Behind the jail the girls discovered this jailbird and her eggs.

Red Boat--best ice cream in Beaumaris.

Greta painted to look like Caren, Dic and Elin's cat Chutney.
She painted my hand to look like a goose.

The real Chutney, with our laundry.

Another love letter from Greta.


  1. Hooray for things with long names. Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch might just rival Lake Chargoggagoggmanchauggauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg.

  2. I love that lake name. I looked it up and found it means: “You fish on your side; I fish on my side; nobody fishes in the middle,” which is arguably more interesting than, "[St.] Mary's Church (Llanfair) [in] the hollow (pwll) of the white hazel (gwyngyll) near (goger) the rapid whirlpool (y chwyrndrobwll) [and] the church of [St.] Tysilio (llantysilio) with a red cave ([a]g ogo goch)" however, it may not be true.

    My favorite thing about Llanfairpwll... is the four l's in a row.