Monday, June 4, 2012

A Paris

We arrived on Friday evening, so it was on Saturday morning that we had our first real look around Paris.
Our stairwell...
This place looks so innocent in the morning light.  It was rocking till 2am.
Gotta love the name.

Greta feeding a sparrow.  The man behind her was giving out brioche and madeleines.  He said he'd been feeding the birds in front of Notre Dame for 15 years.

The gang standing on Point Zero, the point from which distances from Paris are measured.
Notre Dame and the lovelocked bridge.

Journaling at lunch.
Clem and escargot.
Greta not so sure about the escargot.

Jardin des Plantes
Bee house
Tired hot kids don't want to go anywhere.

Flopping in any available shade.

Clem considers a dip in the Seine to cool off.
But settles for ice cream at Berthillon instead.
A minimalist gas station.

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