Thursday, June 7, 2012

Notre Dame, etc.

In our London apartment we didn't have a clothes dryer.  I successfully dried Evelyn's pants on the stove, but I got impatient and burned my underwear.  My French is a bit like the underwear--ugly but serviceable.

This was not our best day.  We took too long to get out of the house and too long waiting for a table at lunch.  The audio tour of Notre Dame was not the best.  Clem said you could make a tour of a can of corn that was more interesting than that tour of Notre Dame.  But seeing it is the main thing, right?

Did you know that stained glass windows can open?

It is impossible to take photos that do justice to Notre Dame.

And we did see interesting things, even if they were not in the big museums.

More good signs--street art this time.

We went to Shakespeare and Company for a book.  It is the perfect bookstore.  Crammed with interesting books and interesting people.  Didn't find the book we were looking for.

Evelyn was happy to see this sign.  
Upstairs you will find a piano to play.

It had very loud and clacky pedals and some of the keys didn't work so well, but

I enjoyed listening.  Another American girl came in and played a piece for us.

Greta started a game of chess with this woman from Seoul.

Scenes from the streets.

Paris metro--the best in the world--so the book says.  Works for me.

Where we had lunch.

Musee des Arts et Metiers

We got kicked out before we found Foucault's pendulum.

From our apartment window.
Our guide book says that Paris is like a complicated play or movie that is better the second time when you really understand it.  It's still pretty great the first time.  Actually, for me this is the 5th time in Paris, but the other times don't count.  They were either too long ago (22 years!) or too short to count.


  1. The video is not available. :-(

  2. I thought I had written comments here, but I must have dreamed it. I love to imagine you all at Shakespeare and Company, fitting right in to the expat life. Just like a Woody Allen movie. I hope you got to eat some of those macarons!

  3. We never did eat any! I guess we still have time... The kids all bought 100g of chocolate instead.