Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Two Days in Two Photos

The U shape of the wall, below, at Sycamore Gap, the most photographed spot on Hadrian's Wall, gives you a good idea of what the walking was like.  Up and down. 
One cozy nook followed by one sweeping vista after another. We arrived at Cawfields well tired, even though this had been our short day--only 5.5 miles (as the crow flies)--but nothing like as exhausted as after our second day.  Greta was cheerful the whole way.  But mom's knee was sorely tried and terribly sore.  She was not able to walk the next day, but we set up a meeting at the Roman Army Museum.

Our guidebook tipped us off to this altar stone at Great Chesters.  The only altar stone along the wall still standing in its original position.  The altar stones at the Temple of Mithras which Evelyn was examining in the last post were reproductions.  This was a real one and many people had left coins on top.  
The girls were thrilled when Grandpa dug out U.S. coins to place on the altar.  The Roman Army Museum's 3D movie was a treat.  It flies you along the wall from above.  We exclaimed the whole time--there's Sycamore Gap, there's Crag Lough, there's where we had lunch.


  1. Boy, that photo of the tree in the bowl looks like a photoshop distortion -- amazing. Sending good vibes to the bum knee, and to all the healthy knees too that they keep up the good work.

  2. Doesn't it look like a distortion! It was a neat sight. We'd heard about it early on and so Clem was on the lookout and it was a thrill to finally reach it--and with gorgeous sunshine.