Saturday, May 26, 2012

A Long, Lazy Day at Vindolanda

The next morning we woke up surprised that we weren't muscle sore.  Unfortunately, mom's knee was acting up.  The nice folks at Saughy Rigg Farm said they'd take us anywhere to make up for the mix-up the day before.  It was our planned day of rest to visit Vindolanda, so our way was clear.
It was a gorgeous sunny day.  We explored the ruins in a leisurely fashion.
Clem and Greta were reading an Andy Goldsworthy book at the B&B and were inspired.
We enjoyed some lazy time on the terrace with newspapers, cameras, Gran's iphone...
The museum was fantastic--so many Roman shoes including one pair of sling sandals that looked like you could have bought them in Rome yesterday.  No photos allowed in the museum, unfortunately.
A perfect day.

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