Monday, May 14, 2012

The British Museum

My girls (well, 2 out of 3) are snoozing away while I'm ready to see some castles.  I've cajoled Clem and tickled Greta's toes.  Tonight we won't stay up quite as late singing.  Though hearing my cousins sing is probably the closest to heaven I'll ever get. 
Since I've got sleeping girls on my hands here are a few more pics from the British Museum.  What an overwhelming collection from the monumental to the minuscule.

Easter Island heads and coins the size of Greta's pinky fingernail.  I said they were impractical and Evelyn reminded me that they were actually made of precious metal.  Right.  I'd still lose them.

We lost ourselves in an audio tour for a while.  The nice thing about an audio tour is that even when it is very crowded, which it was... can feel like this.  
The room had just been full and it suddenly cleared.  There are people in the far room but they conveniently stepped behind the columns.

And then we took off the headphones to talk to a real person.

I'm glad we still have a week in London and several more visits before us.


  1. Do they look alarmingly like running shoes?

  2. Alarmingly. It's as if Steve Jobs were suddenly using Windows.

  3. I adore the British museum! Makes me so happy to see your girls exploring and drawing and checking it all out. You seem to be off and running (though barefoot, of course!).

  4. Judith, we are off and running! Do you remember that I said the only part I was really worried about was getting from the airport to the hostel? Well that turned out to be very easy. The hostel is a hop skip and a jump from Russel Square on the Piccadilly Line which runs from Heathrow so we didn't even have to transfer. The stations by Heathrow are far apart and the ride is long--50 minutes or so.

    We got talking to a Canadian homeschooling family of five who were traveling the world. Nice people. Greta fell asleep. Then Evelyn said, "Mom, this is our stop."

    The Canadians asked did we want help--yes! Clem and Ev dragged Greta half asleep out the door and the Canadians chucked our bags out. It all worked.