Friday, May 18, 2012

4 Trains, 1 Mile Walk and a Fort

 We left Bangor,Wales on the 7:22am train.
I bought a cappuccino.  In a few minutes I took it back.  It tasted like water.
"Right," said the woman behind the counter as if this was not at all a new problem and she knew just what to do. She pulled out a packet of instant coffee granules and dumped it in.  Voila.

Five hours and four trains later we were at the Corbridge station on the Hadrian Country Line.  Don't believe it if anyone tells you it is 3/10 of a mile from the station to the B&B at 2 The Crofts.  It is really a mile.  You won't want to drag your luggage all the way like we did.

But, by all means, once you've dropped your bags, walk over to the Corbridge Roman Village.  It has Britain's only intact Roman mullioned vent.

I've skipped some very important events: My mom's 70th birthday!!  But I only have time for this quick post.  Nine miles to go tomorrow.  

With luck, no one will be vomiting like today.  
But more about that later.


  1. Ooh mullioned vents! Be still my heart! I googled it and up came the very one you saw. Happy birthday, Jean!

  2. looks like a proper adventure...lots of ups and downs...punny ha-ha...just so cool, epic! ya'll